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Oddly Correct's Seasonal Espresso Blend

All great drinks start with great ingredients. For us, that starts with Oddly Correct's exceptional espresso. They craft a seasonal blend that is bright and citrusy in the Spring, sweet and juicy for the Summer, full bodied and spicy for the fall and warming for Winter. This not only allows us to offer a rotating flavor of espresso but provides a basis for our seasonal signature beverages. Year round this espresso offers a fun pick me up or sweet treat for any coffee lover. 

Fresh espresso grounds ready to be tamped

Exceptional Coffees

Batch brews and pour-overs from Messenger Coffee and more

Whether you're just looking to grab a cup on the go, or find your new favorite flavor we always have  a wide selection of coffees to choose from. Our batch brew is always hot and ready to go, with a rotating selection of coffees from Messenger Coffee as well as selections from our featured roasters. Batch brews coffees are selected for their approachable flavor profiles. We also offer coffees from our featured roasters on pour overs. These coffees are always exciting and will change frequently. (Pour overs are not available at the drive thru.) 

Coffees can be incredibly diverse in their flavors and aromas. We know that many people will have a preference on how their coffee should taste, so we do our best to have a wide variety of coffees available and will be happy to guide the selection of our coffees with easy to understand descriptions.  

Hana's Donuts

We are proud to feature Hana's Donuts at Splitlog. We receive a variety of freshly baked donuts everyday. Classic staples such as Old Fashion style donuts along with fun flavors (Pistachio, yum!) plus with seasonal flavors there's always something for everyone. 

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing